Abandoned 1920s cinema in Los Angeles becomes the new Apple Store

Tower Theatre was the first theatre in Los Angeles to be wired for showing motion pictures with sound, but it has been shut down since 1988.

Foster + Partners worked with the technology company to renovate the historic building, which was originally designed by American architect S Charles Lee in 1927 in the baroque revival style. The renovation was made in a collaboration with the City of Los Angeles and expert preservationists.

Inside, a grand entry hall designed in the style of Charles Garnier’s Paris Opera House, complete with bronze handrails and marble columns, has been restored to its former splendour. The staircase features a plush red carpet.

At the centre of Apple Tower Theatre is the Forum, a large retail space with a display screen hung in the restored arch where the cinema screen would once have been.

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Main image: Apple Tower Theatre via Dezeen

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