Taking Immersion to the Next Phase | Latest Stinger Report

In the first of a two-part industry special, we chart the developments of “Active Immersion”

We’ll bring compelling and adrenaline-filled immersive simulation to an audience looking for the next big thrill, and using VR technology to create adventures that can only be experienced by a select few, now re-created in a thrilling entertainment package.

Charting the draw of this emerging technology, we reveal the launch of Frontgrid’s brand new sequel to their popular ‘ParadropVR – Rize’ experience, and other new platforms in the wings. We also look at new start-up Limitless Flight, with their wingsuit simulator ‘JUMP’ and how it hopes to turn active simulation on its head. Meanwhile, we look at how indoor skydiving operations such as iFly are combining the latest VR experiences to create a whole new aspect to their extreme audience engagement.

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