The Competitive Entertainment Landscape | Issue # 1085 Stinger Report

eSports Continues to Take the Lead

The explosion in venue development of eSports Arenas has not been lost on anyone – fuelled by the meteoric rise of the competitive pastime during lockdown and continuing apace, as the latest chain of big venues was reported. Belong Gaming Arena (BGA), a UK-based chain of eSports venues, announced they were commencing plans to open 500 sites in US shopping malls across the country, over the next five years. The company announced the site of its first US venue in Houston, in a mall location. BGA has 25 locations in the UK, having recently moved into a new central London site. The operation is owned by Vindex, an eSports and technology company.

Considerable new investment in the eSports arena, with the announcement of amusement giant TAITO launching eSports team “ARCADER”; Cedar Fair Entertainment Company reveals to have started the process of exploring eSports arena at new property; and Esports Entertainment Group develops a platform to allow players instant deposit and withdrawal from eSports wagering on matches. All this, along with other developments in the international scene.

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