Could tech save the high street?

All areas of life are enriched by our digital connections, from our relationships with family and friends to the way we interact with colleagues and service providers.

It was technology that helped us to survive lockdown by providing a lifeline to the outside world – and it will continue to be of vital importance as we look cautiously but hopefully towards a post-pandemic future.

Some things will never be the same again – in particular the popularity of a flexible, hybrid approach to working from both home and office – and it’s no surprise that developers are under pressure to deliver homes that meet these changing needs. Residents are, quite rightly, demanding more, not only from their homes but from their everyday spaces, and developers must invest in infrastructure networks that take into account these factors.

While bricks-and-mortar retail has continued to suffer from the competition posed by online shopping, there are glimmers of hope – especially where retailers fully realise the value of building relationships with local customers. The popularity of shopping locally soared during the early stages of the pandemic, and showed no signs of abating even during periods of relative normality. Initiatives such as Small Business Saturday, Fiver Fest and local delivery services are helping smaller businesses compete with the larger players while offering the more personal, tailored service that younger customers in particular value immensely.

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Main image credit: Google creative commons

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