Play-to-earn: How gamers are profiting off crypto games

Play-to-earn is emerging as a trending business model in the gaming industry, creating new token-based incentives that help monetise time spent by gamers

Creative industries are leading social and economic growth globally, becoming one of the fastest-growing economic sectors worldwide with a market size estimated to be worth $218.7 billion by 2024.

With that, the gaming industry has quickly emerged as a key catalyst for this movement.

In Saudi Arabia alone, according to the latest figures, the gaming and e-sports sector is worth $1.09bn, with mobile gaming leading the way with 19.3 million players, 13.9 million consoles, and 13.4 million PCs.

As the industry continues to boom, and major transformations continue to take place, game developers are now looking towards the play-to-earn model to incentivise players, rewarding their time with digital assets.

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Main image credit: via Arabian Business


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