A Crystal Ball…

The Rings of Power first season has come to a finale, with very mixed reviews.

Amazon had stacked its rise to the pinnacle of streaming of these efforts and it does not look like their substantive investment is going to pay off. A key mistake has been made on the part of Amazon and the producers; whatever they did was going to be compared with Peter Jackson’s version of Tolkien. If they were to succeed, then they would have to surpass Jackson’s opus. They did not.

The writing is not good, the direction has little pacing or fluidity, and the many disparate subplots has given the series a bad case of OCD. As a Tolkien fan, I loved the EFX and the art direction, but the key creatives were lacking.

Business models have changed; decisions made prior to the pandemic as in the case of Amazon and “The Rings of Power” are not panning out. Conceptions and ideas around what the audiences look like are wrong. We are dealing with an audience that is suffering in many ways from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the impact of an enduring pandemic.

Within this chaos, there is immense opportunity but the media and entertainment industry with the exception of the deeply ingrained franchises like Halloween are failing to land a punch.  There is opportunity, but at the same time, deep confusion.  There are some changes that are going to happen shortly that are going to reshape this business of exhibition and beyond.

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Image Credit: AP. Rings of Power

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