False Idols…

One of the things that drives me crazy is that in our society and in the business world we are moving away from the product we sell or the services we are offering to a misplaced belief that the product we are selling is us.

This has given rise to an unhealthy rise in self-aggrandizement and egoism. More people are aware of the Kardashians than they are of Mark Twain or Jonah Salk (the inventor of the polio vaccine). It is a bizarre situation that is exceedingly unhealthy and corrosive in terms of building our society.

Social media has become the playground of egotists and narcissists. They attempt to make the value proposition, not their movies, not the story, but themselves. During the Reagan administration, we saw a movement away from traditional value-based icons, people who, through their actions bettered the world to icons who managed to make a ton of money.

John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Dorothy Day, Albert Schweitzer, and Helen Keller ceased to hold a place of respect within our society.  Now Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and those Armenian purveyors of crassness, the Kardashians took over the icon mantle.

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Image Credit: eXtra.cz

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