Inside the UK’s biggest IMAX: newly upgraded Waterloo cinema – featuring a 85ft-wide screen and laser projections

BFI IMAX reopens on Friday with laser projection technology and a huge new screen, measuring 85ft by 65 ft. It also has laser projection and a 12-channel sound system to give cinemagoers a more ‘immersive’ experience.

MailOnline has had a behind-the-scenes look at the newly upgraded 500-capacity IMAX cinema in London ahead of its official opening to the public today.

The legendary cinema, which originally opened in 1999 but is now renovated by the British Film Institute (BFI), features a jaw-dropping screen measuring 85 feet wide and 65 feet high – taller than four double-decker buses.

It also has laser projection technology and a powerful 12-channel sound system to provide cinemagoers with a more ‘immersive’ and life-like viewing experience.

MailOnline got a sneak peek at the cinema, located in the middle of a roundabout in London’s Southbank district, including the whopping new screen in action and the laser technology inside the projection room.

BFI IMAX has now reopened to the public with screenings of the new Marvel blockbuster ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’.

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Image Credit: Mail Online / Jonathan Chadwick

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