The Totah Theatre is Reborn

One of New Mexico’s oldest movie theatres recently underwent a major renovation and has been given a new lease on life.

Opened in 1949 and used as a movie theatre until 1982, the Totah Theatre thereafter was used as a performance theatre. In 2006, the Totah Theatre was converted into a multi-use performance hall. In 2020, San Juan County acquired, and in partnership with the City of Farmington renovated the facility to create a film centre for the region.

The facility will now be used for film screenings and live entertainment events and will serve as the base of operations for Totah Studios, a joint venture between San Juan County and the City of Farmington, which took control of the building last year. At the same time, because of its historical significance, the structure is also being preserved.

CES+ partnered with Severtson Screens on the renovation, which included the installation of a 28-foot by 15.2-foot Severtson Giant Electric projection screen.

“We are excited to partner with CES+ for this installation as the Totah Theatre is a historic and unique venue,” said Aaron White, home theatre and pro AV sales lead at Severtson Corporation.

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Image Credit: CES+

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