An Inquiry into Retail and Town Centres in Scotland

In January 2022 the Economy and Fair Work Committee of the Scottish Parliament began its preparation and work into its “Inquiry into Retail and Town Centres in Scotland”.

As this blog has covered before, I gave evidence to the Inquiry in March 2022 (my opening statement here, and the official record of the session here).

A number of other sessions with others and site visits took place through to the summer, with the report being published on 29th November 2022.

The report makes interesting, if perhaps not unsurprising reading.  It aligns very closely with both my evidence and “A New Future for Scotland’s Town Centres” and is supportive of the Town Centre Action Plan 2 (TCAP2) which has emerged from this work (see also my blog posts on these, here and here).

As would be expected there are areas of disagreement (amongst those giving evidence, the committee and with the issues themselves) but broadly this is a supportive report on the range of work underway.

My reading suggests a number of areas of particular focus and interest.

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Image Credit: Visit Scotland / Kenny Lam

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