What outdated items are Britons still using?

And what classic technology have the younger generations never encountered?

From chequebooks to CDs, dictionaries to wall calendars, such items may seem like museum pieces to the younger generation, but which items from previous generations are still used by Britons today?

A new YouGov RealTime survey has revealed the activities and items from the past that remain popular despite advances in technology, as well as those that the younger generation have never experienced.

In the streaming era, four in ten Britons still watch DVDs and listen to CDs

With the arrival of digital copies of films and streaming services, DVDs are becoming a thing of the past, but 38% of the British public say they still watch them. The format is still in favour with the older generations, with 48% of those aged 70 and over still watching DVDs compared to a quarter of the under 30s (27%).

The CD has also been largely replaced by digital downloads and streaming services. However, 39% of Britons say they still use the format to listen to music. Again, it’s the older generation favouring CDs, with more than half of those in the 60 and older age groups (56-58%) still listening to them compared to just one in five in the under-40 age groups (20-22%).

Despite a recent revival in vinyl sales, 40% of Britons under 30 have never listened to music on a vinyl record player, compared to only 1-3% of Britons aged 50 and over. A consistent  one in five of all age groups (19-22%) say they still listen to music on a vinyl record player.

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