One of Britain’s Oldest and Greatest Oak Trees Gets $7,000 Hug from Community

In the southern Scottish town of Jedburgh, an old neighbor recently received a helping hand from the community.

A 700-1,000-year-old sessile oak, known as the Capon Tree, was awarded a grant of £7,000, or around $8,500, for a caregiving regime after one of its supporting limbs collapsed.

Oaks that grow without any other trees nearby tend to grow in girth rather than height, and the Capon tree is an exceptional example of this strange duality. The Tree Council recognizes the Capon as one of Britain’s 50 greatest trees.

Stories go back to at least the 16th century, referring to the tree as a meeting place for brigands who would raid across the border into England, or for community members to gather for the resolution of disputes.

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Image Credit: The Capon Tree – Fallago Environment Fund, released

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