Woman alone in cinema. Photo by Karen Zhao/Unsplash

How cinema business may survive coronavirus

To say we are living in surreal times is indeed an understatement. Those of us who follow the film industry are watching other entertainment venues shutter on an hourly basis and wonder when the time will come—it appears to no longer be a case of whether it will come—that movie theaters in the United States and Canada will be shut down due to fears of the spread of the coronavirus. Cinemas around the world, from Southeast Asia to Western European nations like France, Italy and Spain have been instructed to close their…

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 23 : People in 3d-glasses watches film

Stats offer 7 reasons to be optimistic about Hollywood in 2020

We’ve all seen them. The articles proclaiming that cinema is dying. No one is going to the movies anymore, everyone is staying home and binge watching Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, Peacock, and the other 641 streaming channels. But is cinema really dying? Really? Granted, 2019 was not a banner year for North American movie-going, very few dispute that fact. Attendance fell 8%, continuing a decade-long trend. Stock prices for the three major North American circuits also fell. Now most in the industry are looking at another possible down year…

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