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Why the future of cinemas may be brighter than it looks

The first rule of investing is “buy low, sell high.” Right now, few businesses are hitting lower lows than the movie theater industry, which could make it a great time to acquire a distressed asset ahead of a turnaround. That’s been true for the duration of the pandemic, and it’s still true now even as light can be dimly glimpsed at the end of the tunnel. The question is, is there an upside given the uncertain state of the entire film industry, and if so, for what kind of buyer? These…

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ suffers disastrous 67% plunge

Wonder Woman 1984 took a second-weekend dive closer to Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad than Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Maybe theaters and HBO Max can’t co-exist after all. Wonder Woman 1984 earned $5.5 million in domestic theaters this weekend, dropping a sharp (and almost unprecedented for a Christmas release, save for Justin Bieber’s Believe in 2013) 67% in its second Fri-Sun frame. That’s a drop closer to Man of Steel (-68%), Batman v Superman (-69%) and Suicide Squad (-67%) than the over/under 43% drops for Wonder Woman and Aquaman.…

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Hollywood is about to be reshaped by giants for a New World Order

Hollywood’s success has always depended on crowds: crowded theaters, crowded theme parks, crowded concert venues. It has always been its greatest strength, until now. The coronavirus preys on live audiences, and so to thwart the virus the world has eliminated the crowds. Some entertainment companies will substantially thrive in this environment, some will be merely bruised, others will be seriously wounded (at least in the short-term), and some will be on life support. How each reacts over the next 18 months will determine Hollywood’s new world order. Tier 1 companies…

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