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Virus Crisis may spur more Hollywood studio mergers – analyst

“The production and distribution of media content will be permanently changed,” including fewer U.S. cinema screens and a further focus on tentpole titles, Michael Nathanson says in his report “Say Goodbye to Hollywood.” “We have a strong belief that the production and distribution of media content will be permanently changed by this crisis,” Michael Nathanson wrote about the coronavirus pandemic in a Friday report entitled “Say Goodbye to Hollywood.” Among his predictions: The U.S. will end up with fewer cinema screens, and most studios will have to look for mergers…

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Autokino aerial photo – Cinematreasures.org

Drive in cinemas thrive: “People Just Want to Get Out”

In the age of social distancing, drive-in ticket sales in Germany and South Korea are booming. We pull into the drive-in, dad and mom in front, the kids in the back in their pajamas, fighting. Dad parks, turns off the engine and turns to snap at the kids: “Stop hitting each other! The movie’s about to start!” It could be 1978 and I’m 7, waiting to see The Cat From Outer Space at the Valley Drive-In in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Instead, I’m in Cologne, Germany. This is 2020. And I’m…

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