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EXCLUSIVE | Rising Nations Cinematic Benchmark Series, PART TWO: CENTRAL ASIA

When we think of Central Asia, many of us would be hard-pressed to quickly name today’s five independent republics, not to mention enunciate with any sort of cadence. The region’s vast geographical influence hails from Russia and Siberia, beautified by the Caspian Sea, often characterized as the “world’s largest lake.” Comprised of former Soviet republics, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, the central demographic has reached a population of approximately 72 million according to current census. Its ancient theatrical culture that once spread over a massive area, would endure the…

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EXCLUSIVE | Rising Nations Cinematic Benchmark Series, PART ONE: AFRICA

Rising Africa uniquely sounds like a Hollywood movie title and with its rapidly expansive and changing dynamics, Africa has propelled into joining the fastest growing nations in cinema exhibition. Driven by democratic movement and better governance with elections reflecting societal change across several countries, we begin the cinematic benchmark series reviewing Africa’s vitality and the promising forecast toward economic inclusion and efficiency, energising global engagement. The second largest continent, Africa’s economic course was historically challenged by overall governance and century-long imposed structure. Yet, performance statistics in the last decade indicate…

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