Covid19 restaurant. Outdoor cafe waiter with mask. Photo by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Expert analysis of statistics revealing consumer fear of OOH entertainment

The great location-based entertainment decimation event Back in March, when the shelter-in-place and shutdown orders were first issued, there was a general perception or at least a hope that there would be a recovery back to pre-coronavirus normal no later than by Fall. Location-based entertainment (LBE) businesses, including family entertainment centers (FECs), believed they would only have to weather being closed and then operate with reduced attendance and revenues for a few months. Now here we are seven months later in the Fall and the dark cloud of the coronavirus…

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YouGov research: impact of consumers’ Covid-19 fears on OOH activities

Peoples’ Covid-19 fears and its impact on out-of-home entertainment & dining activities Following is some very recent polling data that I sorted through from multiple sources on the current state of consumers’ fears that they or a member of their family will catch coronavirus and the impact of this fear on their willingness to visit out-of-home entertainment and restaurants. I’ve cited data from a number of polls to illustrate the consistency of what they all are finding, including trends. YouGov, an international research and analytics company, has been constantly running…

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The economics of operating location-based entertainment in corona-time

There are many challenges to reopening location-based entertainment (LBE) during the post-lockdown era regardless of whether it’s a family entertainment center (FEC), bowling entertainment center (BEC), amusement/theme park, eatertainment venue, laser tag center, bar-arcade, family fun center or any other type of LBE business. There’s the challenge of rehiring/finding, paying and retaining staff; implementing all the Covid-19 safety measures including those needed for social distancing, restricting capacity, disinfecting high-touch surfaces and keeping both staff and customers safe. However, the greatest challenge that’s had little discussion in the entertainment industry is…

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