empty cinema photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash

Mulan release on Disney+ marks the end of business as usual for movies

It used to be the kiss of death for any movie – the dreaded “straight to video” (and, later, DVD or digital) tag. But the release on Friday of Mulan on Disney+ may mark the moment the straight-to-digital strategy went from $2 shop to upmarket boutique, and not just because it will cost you $34.99 (on top of your $8.99 monthly subscription) to watch at home. The straight-to release has had a reputational makeover in the past few years, thanks to big-name directors making movies for Netflix et al. But what began…

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Dead-End Drive-in: a 1986 Australian film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Ned Manning and Natalie McCurry. CREDIT:GREATER UNION

Are Australian drive-ins making a comeback?

Drive-ins are getting a lot of attention. Yep, with cinemas closed since March because of the pandemic, drive-ins that stayed open around the world have done well. And it makes sense: you’re out watching a movie but you’re also social distancing in your car. And here? The Yatala Drive-In in south-east Queensland was the first cinema to re-open in Australia and was an immediate success. Then, as restrictions began easing, the Skyline Drive-in at Blacktown surprisingly opened for restricted numbers with social distancing measures last month. So they’ve led the way for…

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Artist's impression of what the drive-in concerts could look like. CREDIT: DRIVE IN ENTERTAINMENT AUSTRALIA

Drive-in live performances could be part of new normal

As coronavirus restrictions begin to lift and people start returning to life outside their homes, going to a drive-in to see live music or a theatre performance could become part of the new live entertainment scene. Drive-In Entertainment Australia is teaming up with local councils to bring a variety of live performances to drive-ins, with non-contact ticketing achieved through the use of electronic devices and manual scanning. “If it can go on a stage, it can go on our stage, said Samwise Holmes, Drive-In’s managing director. “It could be ballet,…

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