UK Government “hasn’t a clue” whether drive-in cinemas can open in Tier 4

Wonder Woman and Love Actually fans would be perfectly safe in their own cars – but the official rules are a confusing, illogical mess When is a cinema not treated as a cinema? When it’s a drive-in, one of few off-shoots of the film industry that has seen a legitimate boom under Covid. Before the pandemic, Britain boasted a mere three drive-in cinemas, two of them in Haywards Heath. Some 40 more opened around the country this summer, giving audiences one of the most socially-distanced entertainment options imaginable. Under Tier…

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Woman alone in cinema. Photo by Karen Zhao/Unsplash

“British cinemas are being left for dead”

If France’s cinemas are packed, why aren’t Britain’s? If anyone was going to do well in a global pandemic, it was always going to be the zombies. Over the last week, 2.1 million South Koreans have gone to the cinema to see Peninsula – Yeon Sang-ho’s long-awaited follow-up to his 2016 action-horror smash Train to Busan, in which the country is ravaged by an undead plague. Peninsula is currently playing on almost 2,000 screens around the country, and has grossed £12.4 million in its first week of release. South Korea’s…

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