Summer blockbusters may come too late to save our oldest cinemas

Odeon is the latest to close art deco gems amid changing habits and the cost of living Blockbusters are back. From Indiana Jones to Barbie, the new releases are ready to set box office tills ringing and could return cinema audience figures to pre-pandemic heights. For some of the oldest cinemas, however, it appears to be too late. While multiplexes survive, a number of historic cinemas have shut their doors this month, many of them dating from the nation’s golden age of film in the 1930s. Some are even older.…

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Goldman Sachs to buy The Belfry

Goldman Sachs has become the preferred bidder to buy The Belfry, the world-famous Warwickshire hotel and golf course, for an expected price of around £140m. Goldman Sachs is to become the new owner of The Belfry, one of the world’s best-known golfing resorts. A property fund run by the Wall Street firm has beaten Pimco, one of the world’s largest bond fund managers, to become the preferred bidder for the Warwickshire hotel and golf courses, with a purchase price of about £140 million, according to Sky News. The sale will bring to…

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Noland Bushnell - Campus Party Brasil via Wikipedia Commons

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell: esports will be bigger than the World Cup

After five decades in the video games industry, Nolan Bushnell has come to an eyebrow-raising conclusion: virtual sports will soon eclipse traditional sports such as football as the entertainment of choice for generation Z. The co-founder of Atari and inventor of the hit game Pong says today’s youngsters are shunning live sports. “I would be willing to bet that if you were to look at the audience, it’s skewing older because of the loss of younger players,” said Bushnell, a serial entrepreneur who gave the teenage Steve Jobs his first…

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