Stinger Report 1066

The Stinger Report: Amusements Spring Forward #1066 Report Skinny In The Stinger Report #1066 – This issue covers in detail. 1. [TRENDING NEWS] The Stinger Report covers new releases in the amusement trade as the vacuum of physical trade events is replaced by sporadic announcements. 2. [TRENDING NEWS] Western amusement rollout plans as UNIS Technologies and ACE Amusement bring some innovation to the table, with the launches of their own brand-new titles for those operators needing new titles. 3. [BREAKING NEWS] Raw Thrills reveals a brand-new major IP release with ‘Minecraft’…

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Nightflix drive-in

London Luton Airport to host incredible outdoor drive-in cinema over three weeks

London Luton Airport has teamed up with Nightflix Outdoor Cinema to bring the big screen to the airport this April. The long-stay car park will showcase a variety of popular films over three weeks from Wednesday, April 28 to Friday, May 21 this year. Some of the hit movies include the classics Mamma Mia and Grease, alongside recent family favourites like The Greatest Showman, Frozen II and the latest blockbuster, Scoob! Viewers will be able to watch the films on the outdoor cinema screen from the comfort of their own vehicles.…

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The Stinger Report

Stinger Report looks at developing investment in entertainment

The Stinger Report: Entertainment: Developing Investment – Part 2 | #1065 Report Skinny In The Stinger Report #1065 – This issue covers in detail: . [BREAKING NEWS] Massive investment being made across the scene including some $100m in Rec Room and Virtuix raising over $14m along with other developments. 2. [TRENDING NEWS] Entertainment and cinema chains see new investment and lifelines to adapt to the new power struggles, with AMC and Hollywood Bowl seeing developments of their own. 3. [TRENDING NEWS] Mall-based entertainment also in upheaval with news regarding repurposing of…

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