Bowling shoes, NYC. Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

What OOH activities are consumers still prepared to do?

by Randy White, CEO of White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group Our company has been accessing and analyzing data from surveys and polls that are being conducted on an ongoing basis, sometimes daily, by over a dozen different companies on Americans’ reaction, beliefs and changing behaviors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are constantly looking for poll data that gives insight on when and to what extend consumers will be returning to location-based entertainment (LBE) and leisure venues of all types, including restaurants, family entertainment centers (FEC), the movies, bowling…

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Artist's impression of what the drive-in concerts could look like. CREDIT: DRIVE IN ENTERTAINMENT AUSTRALIA

Drive-in live performances could be part of new normal

As coronavirus restrictions begin to lift and people start returning to life outside their homes, going to a drive-in to see live music or a theatre performance could become part of the new live entertainment scene. Drive-In Entertainment Australia is teaming up with local councils to bring a variety of live performances to drive-ins, with non-contact ticketing achieved through the use of electronic devices and manual scanning. “If it can go on a stage, it can go on our stage, said Samwise Holmes, Drive-In’s managing director. “It could be ballet,…

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Mads Langer concert. Cars lined up and tuned in through FM radio © Camilla Lundby / P Scenen" width="243" height="365" /> Cars lined up and tuned in through FM radio © Camilla Lundby

Denmark’s new social distancing drive-through concerts

With social distancing here, many people are missing some of the shared joys of life, like dining in a restaurant, going to a bar or attending a concert. Denmark has come up with a genius way for the public to take part in the latter however, by introducing drive through gigs where attendees can listen through their FM radios. The brainchild of three companies, Front of House, Steady and Nordic Rentals, P Scenen is like an ongoing festival that offers new things every day, from movie viewings and comedy to…

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