Live music. Photo by Joe Darams on Unsplash

Struggling small venues and the effect on the live music industry

Prior to the dislocation caused by the pandemic, live music operated with a structure that gave artists a clear sense of where they were in their careers and where they could aim for next. Small clubs represented the starting point, before moving up a ladder of venue sizes to theatres, arenas and stadiums. Then along came lockdown, and the future of that lower tier of venues is now at risk. The plight of these smaller venues has had a fair amount of media attention, but the long-term impact of their…

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Buildings on Swan St, Manchester. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

New all-day venue in Manchester’s Northern Quarter to create “jobs and opportunities”

Albert’s Schloss co-founders plan new Northern Quarter venue Swan Street Firehouse The team behind Swan Street Firehouse also founded Trof, Deaf Institute and Gorilla The co-founders of Albert’s Schloss are planning to open a new Northern Quarter venue. A licence application has been submitted for Swan Street Firehouse, a new café, bar, restaurant and event space. It will be based inside an old MOT station on land being redeveloped by Capital & Centric and the Kamani Property Group. The team behind the venture includes Adelaide Winter and Joel Wilkinson, who…

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Disney castle. Photo by Mweebo on PXHere

Where did Disney and Live Nation’s missing $10 billion go?

In both economic and pandemic terms, we are in a relatively quiet period compared to the first half of the year. COVID-19 is at much lower levels in most countries and there are multiple sectors, such as housing and auto, that are reporting booms. These positive indicators will likely be both a pre-recession bounce and the lull before COVID-19’s second peak. However, there is a crucial subtext here, which is that one sector’s loss is often another’s gain. COVID-19 saw winners and losers, as any post-recession recovery is defined by…

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