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Plans for an Underwater Studio for the 2022 World Cup Have been Revealed

Qatari officials are considering the option of building the first ever underwater TV studio for use in the 2022 World Cup, which will then become a public aquarium. Speaking to Arabian Business Patric Douglas, CEO of artificial reef and aquarium design firm Reef Worlds, publicized it is currently creating plans for a $30m underwater broadcast studio, which will be contained in a carved out space of rock on the bottom of the sea. Douglas added that Qatar World Cup authorities approved of the preliminary designs and also liked “the notion…

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Derelict Theme Park in Berlin May Be Brought Back to Life

Grün Berlin GmbH – an open space developer in the Berlin, Germany – is planning a multi-million euro restoration of a theme park which has been closed for over a decade. Located in Berlin, Spreepark has been awarded multiple grants by the European Union to reinstate the park to its former glory. A €10m sum has been suggested for the possible development, though nothing has been confirmed yet. If the plans get the go ahead, the park’s decrepit buildings would have to be demolished and rebuilt while floors riddled with…

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Indiana Jones diner for Disneyland

Disneyland opens a Raiders of the Lost Ark restaurant Although Disney didn’t own Lucasfilm until recently, the companies have always had a great affiliation. They’ve both had massive success in their theme parks. Both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Orlando have Star Wars and Indiana Jones-themed attractions that entertain thousands daily. Now that Disney has taken over Lucasfilm, there’s going to be themed Lucasfilm ttractions in the parks in the coming years. We’ve already heard tons of rumors and speculation about Star Wars being incorporated into the…

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