VR gamers. Photo KWP

Exclusive: entertainment’s immersive re-emergence

Covering the immersive Out-of-Home entertainment scene, industry specialist Kevin Williams of KWP offers an overview of the commercial entertainment sector, after COVID (AC), and discusses the way the market is tentatively moving forward as it starts to reopen. For many, the global health crisis has been a cataclysmic event, apocalyptic in its impact on industry and business, and the obvious death knell for scores of industries. This pessimistic stance is understandable for those emerging from over 100 days of self-imposed isolation, but this can be a harmful and blinkered evaluation…

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VR arcade. Photo by KWP

‘Stinging’ expert insight into developments in OOH entertainment

Entertainment’s Shifting Paradigm: Part 9 | # 1027 Report Skinny The latest update on the momentous changes impacting all aspects of the global Out-of-Home Entertainment arena. In this ninth instalment, we look at the deployment of Frictionless technology as a support to new COVID requirements in entertainment, we also look at the explosion of new immersive and VR platforms, and issues in the changed market Main Report The news and developments come thick and fast as the amusement and attraction industry exits hibernation and starts to prepare for business (and…

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AttractionPros Episode 93- Kevin Williams

Attractions industry podcast interviews immersive entertainment specialist

AP Podcast, Episode 93: Kevin Williams talks about immersive attractions, the retail apocalypse and whole bunch of acronyms June 11, 2019 AttractionProsPodcast Kevin Williams is the Founder of KWP, the Digital Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Consultancy, and he knows a thing or two about the immersive experience industry. Kevin walks us through the early days of VR (virtual reality) and shares the progression of technologies such as AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), XR (cross reality) and LARP (Live action role play). We also discuss how the retail apocalypse has opened up some…

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