Taking Immersion to the Next Phase | Latest Stinger Report

In the first of a two-part industry special, we chart the developments of “Active Immersion” We’ll bring compelling and adrenaline-filled immersive simulation to an audience looking for the next big thrill, and using VR technology to create adventures that can only be experienced by a select few, now re-created in a thrilling entertainment package. Charting the draw of this emerging technology, we reveal the launch of Frontgrid’s brand new sequel to their popular ‘ParadropVR – Rize’ experience, and other new platforms in the wings. We also look at new start-up Limitless Flight,…

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The Stinger Report LBE VR charts

The Stinger Report on the resurgent LBE VR audience

In The Stinger Report # 1080… This issue covers in detail: [BREAKING NEWS] Exclusive breaking news of the actual revenue generated from the reopening VR amusement business, in this second and final report with a selection of leading providers supplying the reality of these moves. [TRENDING NEWS] Free-Roaming VR’s impact following the lockdown revealed from Zero Latency on their rebound, along with TrueVRSystems, MassVR and Dreamscape Immersion sharing the realities. [TRENDING NEWS] The next big investment, and the return of the player-base to the hyper reality is revealed by Backlight…

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