Stinger Report 1069

The Stinger Report: Entertainment Facility Bonanza! – Part 1

In The Stinger Report #1069 part 1– This issue covers in detail: Report Skinny 1. One of the new owners of some PAC-MAN Entertainment sites is revealed, as well as how GENDA SEGA Entertainment undertakes business reforms to cement its position. 2.  Mixed Use Leisure Entertainment (MULE) venues gain momentum, along with some unique new concepts that look towards establishing themselves. 3. Panasonic Business holds an important and influential virtual conference to reveal the next projection technology that points to the impact for the next generation of attractions in the industry.…

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Disney castle. Photo by Mweebo on PXHere

Where did Disney and Live Nation’s missing $10 billion go?

In both economic and pandemic terms, we are in a relatively quiet period compared to the first half of the year. COVID-19 is at much lower levels in most countries and there are multiple sectors, such as housing and auto, that are reporting booms. These positive indicators will likely be both a pre-recession bounce and the lull before COVID-19’s second peak. However, there is a crucial subtext here, which is that one sector’s loss is often another’s gain. COVID-19 saw winners and losers, as any post-recession recovery is defined by…

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Estadio Wanda Metropolitano

Long term impact of live sport hiatus revealed in Wanda Sports financials

Wanda Sports Group’s (WSG) Q2 financials highlight a significant decline in revenues on account of “the broad effects of COVID-19 mitigation efforts”. WSG reported a second successive quarter of decreasing revenues, following its disappointing Q1 results which saw a 26% year-on-year (YoY) decline attributed to losses within the Chinese company’s spectator sports and mass participation divisions. COVID-19’s impact on a leading global sports event media and marketing platform so reliant on live sports was always going to be negative. WSG’s Q2 earnings however, exposed just how vulnerable sporting organisations are during global pandemics, and with a global…

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