John Sullivan with David Lloyd, Nightflix and Secret Cinema logos

Proactive responses: socially distanced customer engagement!

I received this today from my local gym where I am a member and think it is very relevant: • Demonstrates excellent customer engagement giving me as a member/customer confidence in coming back • Gives a thorough undertaking and details how my health and well being will be looked after I am sure that other businesses I have frequented and that have my details are also reviewing their opening plans, but none have reached out to me in as engaging and reassuring way as this group. It has also got…

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Photo of graffiti by Ivana Milakovic/Unsplash

Guest blog: ‘Glasvegan’ trend takes over UK’s most vegan-friendly city

Glasgow’s reputation for being a rough city, full of grimy dock-workers and unhinged football hooligans, voraciously eating meat pies and haggis dinners has long since been replaced with a reputation for creativity, music, friendliness and, perhaps the most unexpected, veganism. As a vegetarian, who eats fish (I refuse to use the term pescatarian – it sounds so, well, wanky for want of a better word), I’m happy to dabble with the odd vegan dish from time to time. To be fair, sometimes the vegan option is the most interesting thing…

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JS holds KSA licence

EXCLUSIVE: The Light Cinemas awarded highly coveted KSA operating licence

UK company The Light Cinemas, has been awarded one of only a handful of sought-after cinema operating licences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Amid high competition from several major chains, this move by the Saudi government demonstrates the success of The Light as an emerging cinema brand, and one the UK’s fastest growing cinema chains. Founded by cinema industry and development experts, John Sullivan and Keith Pullinger, The Light currently has ten UK cinemas and plans to open at least five more sites in the next three years.…

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