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Why UK cinemas should book ‘Detective Chinatown 3’

Wanda’s Detective Chinatown 3 is scheduled to release on Jan 24 in the UK, by Trinity CineAsia. 2019 set a new record in global cinema box-office by reaching £32bn. China’s box-office increased 5.4% to £7bn and the total in the UK  was £1.25bn. As the UK Cinema Association comments, “2019 was another exceptional year for the UK cinema sector, with admissions at their second highest level in 50 years and box-office breaking the billion barrier for the third year running.” The UK’s openness toward other cultures enables it to have…

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Report warns of steep drop in Chinese film market growth

China’s total box office may have hit another record high in 2019, but a struggling exhibition sector and plummeting growth in lower-tier cities will likely sow seeds of trouble in 2020 for the world’s second-largest film market, Chinese firm Tencent Entertainment said in a year-end white paper. China’s theatrical market has grown an impressive 60-fold in the past twenty years, but since 2015, growth rates have seen a “cliff-like decline,” the report notes. Last year’s box office was essentially propped up by just four films that accounted for around a quarter of…

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China Box Office: Hollywood revenue growth plateaus

Revenue from U.S. studio movies slips 2.7 percent as local laws and homegrown hits cool a once-blazing business. Hollywood box office growth in China officially flatlined in 2019 — and there is little reason to believe that conditions in the world’s No. 2 theatrical territory will improve anytime soon, analysts caution. Total ticket sales at Chinese cinemas climbed to $9.2 billion (RMB 64.3 billion) in 2019, up 5.4 percent from 2018. That’s a far cry from the galloping double-digit growth that characterized most of the past decade, but it’s still…

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