Closed Regal cinema, NYC. Photo by Ronny Coste on Unsplash (1)

Why Coronavirus won’t kill the cinema industry

Theaters have faced a rough year with the coronavirus pandemic, but the financial upsides they offer filmmakers should help secure their future. Since Netflix released its first film, “Beasts of No Nation,” five years ago, the rise of streaming services has transformed the distribution of feature films to audiences around the globe. In 2020, Covid-19 took a sledgehammer to the theatrical market, and chaos ensued. With Warner Bros. breaking a longstanding precedent, thanks to its recent decision to release its entire 2021 slate simultaneously in movie theaters and on HBO Max,…

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UK Government “hasn’t a clue” whether drive-in cinemas can open in Tier 4

Wonder Woman and Love Actually fans would be perfectly safe in their own cars – but the official rules are a confusing, illogical mess When is a cinema not treated as a cinema? When it’s a drive-in, one of few off-shoots of the film industry that has seen a legitimate boom under Covid. Before the pandemic, Britain boasted a mere three drive-in cinemas, two of them in Haywards Heath. Some 40 more opened around the country this summer, giving audiences one of the most socially-distanced entertainment options imaginable. Under Tier…

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Streaming wars: how threatening are they really to the film industry?

In a world of countless entertainment opportunities, movies are one of the few remaining proven ways to attract a new audience and retain existing ones. Yet the dominant narrative seems to be that in the age of the internet the old system of theatrical release can no longer cater for audiences worldwide – or so we are told. Digital technologies – streaming in particular – are expected to replace the legacy of theatrical releases, bringing movies into the fold of the growing Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) list of industries, as opposed to…

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