Charlie Chapling in 'The Kid'. Photo Wikimedia

Production “void” threatens long term damage to international cinema

Hollywood is creating a void like the one that permanently stunted European film after Spanish flu When Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi film Tenet opened in late summer, the hope was that audiences would return to the velvet seats and the waft of popcorn would engulf cinemas once more. Exhibitors everywhere had invested considerable resources to make their cinemas as safe as the other places of leisure and culture that were reopening. Tenet succeeded globally, but underperformed in the US. Of the US$307 million taken at the box office by early October 2020, only US$45…

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Auditorium at Time Square Cineworld, Warrington

‘Noone untouched’ by Bond delay threat to UK cinema and film

Cineworld is set to temporarily close its UK cinemas in the coming weeks. As first reported in the Sunday Times, the firm is writing to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to say the industry is now “unviable”. The firm says it has been hit by delays in the release of big-budget films, putting 5,500 jobs at risk. The premiere of James Bond film No Time To Die has been postponed twice and is now due for release in April 2021. ‘No-one untouched’ It is hoped that the…

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Disney castle. Photo by Mweebo on PXHere

Where did Disney and Live Nation’s missing $10 billion go?

In both economic and pandemic terms, we are in a relatively quiet period compared to the first half of the year. COVID-19 is at much lower levels in most countries and there are multiple sectors, such as housing and auto, that are reporting booms. These positive indicators will likely be both a pre-recession bounce and the lull before COVID-19’s second peak. However, there is a crucial subtext here, which is that one sector’s loss is often another’s gain. COVID-19 saw winners and losers, as any post-recession recovery is defined by…

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