Festival de Cannes -- Wikimedia Commons

Cannes Film Festival ‘confident’ in the face of coronavirus

The Cannes Film Festival and its Marché du Film have both said they are pushing on with preparations for their 2020 editions, due to take place May 12-23, in response to growing speculation that they could be cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.  “We’re working on the Official Selection. Films are arriving as normal,” a festival spokesperson told Screen.  She added the annual press conference announcing the Official Selection was still scheduled to take place as normal on April 16 in central Paris. Speculation that the Cannes Film Festival might not…

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Detective Chinatown 3

Why UK cinemas should book ‘Detective Chinatown 3’

Wanda’s Detective Chinatown 3 is scheduled to release on Jan 24 in the UK, by Trinity CineAsia. 2019 set a new record in global cinema box-office by reaching £32bn. China’s box-office increased 5.4% to £7bn and the total in the UK  was £1.25bn. As the UK Cinema Association comments, “2019 was another exceptional year for the UK cinema sector, with admissions at their second highest level in 50 years and box-office breaking the billion barrier for the third year running.” The UK’s openness toward other cultures enables it to have…

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Sumela Monastery, Turazon, Turkey

EXCLUSIVE | Rising Nations Cinematic Benchmark Series FINAL PART: TURKEY

Traveling the Turkish countryside, one has the surreal sensation of being transported through time, as though flying on Aladdin’s magic carpet ride. We glide across a landscape that echoes the days of the Byzantine Empire, enchanting Greco-Roman ruins, past the Sumela Monastery perched above the Black Sea, and amazing delights of Cappadocia’s cone-shaped hills — hiding the largest underground city of Sobessos. After recognising the legacy of Ottoman Turks and its ancient relics, and seeing Turkish lifestyles across more than 500 cities, we are drawn to the stunning metropolitan streets…

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