immersive game. Photo by KWP

The Stinger Report examines new trends in OOH entertainment

The Stinger Report: Reinvesting in the Entertainment Landscape | Part  | # 1040 Report Skinny Redefining the new phase of immersive entertainment coverage in The Stinger Report; and in this sixth part, we delve into the new generation of immersive entertainment with Exergaming’s new Dividend in the Market. Along with the deployment of Frictionless Entertainment Trends emerging and the continued march of Augmented Reality. Main Report Continuing the coverage of the changes that are impacting the Out-of-Home Entertainment market and we turn to the new trends that will play a part…

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Boxpark, post-pandemic

‘Stinging’ expert insight into the future OOH entertainment sector

Entertainment’s next adventure: Part 1 | # 1029 Report Skinny The Stinger Report starts a new chapter in its long history of reporting on the cutting edge in Out-of-Home Entertainment. We start this first in a series looking at the new landscape ahead, first with news covering Arena Scale VR’s re-emergence, along with a look at how VR Arcade Business Gets Support from new content and platforms; and finally we look at how Arena Scale Gains Momentum with new developments. Main Report The Stinger Report moves forward and, after an…

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Coronavirus illustration – Pixabay

Can success continue for video game giants that have thrived in the pandemic?

The video game industry continues to see an impressive jump in both revenue and attentiveness to esports from major media companies as coronavirus-related restrictions roll into May, keeping millions of people at home and searching for new forms of entertainment. But as countries begin to examine paths toward loosening stay-at-home restrictions and reopening businesses, will the industry be able to sustain its newfound gains? In conversations with The Post, those inside the gaming world and those who monitor it professionally expressed confidence that the gains would continue in the years…

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