Stinger Report 1058

The Stinger Report: Virtual Amusement Business

The Stinger Report: Virtual Amusement Business| #1058 Report Skinny In The Stinger Report #1058 – This issue covers in detail: 1. The dependence on Virtual Conferences grows, with the first major trade events for the year held via online streaming – seeing the first Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) hold the class of #53, and incorporate a new facility visit element before a unique behind the scenes look on actual new FEC projects in development. 2. The latest conference to support the FEC sector opened its doors with a three-day gathering of…

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Spider Entertainment

New firm offers ‘concept-to-ops’ services to OOH entertainment industry

Location-based entertainment specialists form turnkey operator Spider Entertainment Industry leaders Rob Hetherington, Kevin Williams and a consortium of founding partners have established Spider Entertainment – a Full Turnkey Operator and provider of strategy, design, project management and operations services to the retail property market and to entertainment brands. Founder and CEO Rob Hetherington comes from a background with influential Lappset Creative, working on key entertainment accounts, said “Retail destinations are turning to entertainment to drive footfall and enhance the customer experience. They need experienced operators to help them operate successful, profitable attractions. Spider helps brands…

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Stinger 1056

Entertainment Consumes Electronics!

The Stinger Report: Entertainment Consumes Electronics! #1056 Report Skinny In The Stinger Report #1056 – This issue covers in detail: 1. The largest consumer electrics show (CES) reverts to a virtual event, but the trends for Out-of-Home Entertainment still shine through as the event moves to a “Virtual Showfloor”; and we still get the best access. 2. The genus of the “Immersive Display Attraction” technology soon to be ubiquitous in our industry was revealed from Sony and LG, with announcements on new “Projection-based Attractions” such as the Illuminarium Experiences. 3. We…

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