Ilford Exchange shopping centre, Essex. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

London shopping centre wants a rooftop outdoor cinema

The Ilford Exchange plans to turn the roof of its car park into an outdoor cinema, according to plans submitted to Redbridge Council. If approved, the cinema, run by Nightflix, will show two films a day every day for the next two and a half years. As well as a screen and space for 200 people, the plans include a bar inside a converted fire engine, a food vendor and 16 portable toilets. In a report submitted to the council, the company said the plans were inspired by a decline…

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Orange Drive-In Theatre, photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pandemic rewinds cinemagoers back to the drive-in

In the early 1930s Richard Hollingshead, a car-parts salesman, had an idea. He’d heard his mother moan about how uncomfortable she found the wooden seats in cinemas. What if she could watch a film from the comfort of her car? To test the concept in his driveway, he put a film projector on the hood of his car, hung a sheet from some trees and invited his neighbours. He patented the idea and in June 1933 opened his first drive-in cinema – he called it a “park-in theatre” – near…

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Backyard Cinema

From backyard to big top bonanza

By the River Thames, in an old TV studio, a fantasy land of movie-magic is screening modern hits and classics to spellbound audiences. Peter Knight learns about a ‘pop-up cinema’ that’s true to its roots. Unless you’ve been living as a cinematic hermit in a dark auditorium for the past decade (and in our industry that is possible…), you cannot help but have noticed the surge in the number of pop-up cinemas that have sprung up in all sorts of innovative locations worldwide. I’m most familiar with the pop-up scene…

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