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Mobile drive-in cinema settles in Essex to top UK ticket sales

Nightflix drive-in cinema tops U.K. & Ireland ticket sales for June, as the U.K. demonstrates its love of The Big Screen July 2 2020, London: June 15th saw the U.K. begin to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown and as part of that first wave of lifting restrictions, drive-in cinemas were given the green light to open their gates. Nightflix Drive-In Cinema kicked-off screenings June 19th and has gone on to top UK & Ireland cinema ticket sales for June as cinemagoers have flocked to its site in Colchester. From day…

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Lighthouse 5

Floridian lighthouse centres the world’s biggest drive-in

Drive-in movie theaters are quickly becoming all the rage around the country. Lighthouse 5 will open as the world’s largest drive-in movie theatre in Eustis, FL once construction is completed. This five-screen drive-in cinema will not only be the largest in the entire world, but it will also have on-site restaurants, shopping centers and even camping. Lighthouse 5’s Facebook Page explains that two to three screens would be dedicated to new Hollywood releases, one to two screens for old throwbacks, and one screen for film fests, indies, and rentals. Lighthouse…

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Dead-End Drive-in: a 1986 Australian film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Ned Manning and Natalie McCurry. CREDIT:GREATER UNION

Are Australian drive-ins making a comeback?

Drive-ins are getting a lot of attention. Yep, with cinemas closed since March because of the pandemic, drive-ins that stayed open around the world have done well. And it makes sense: you’re out watching a movie but you’re also social distancing in your car. And here? The Yatala Drive-In in south-east Queensland was the first cinema to re-open in Australia and was an immediate success. Then, as restrictions began easing, the Skyline Drive-in at Blacktown surprisingly opened for restricted numbers with social distancing measures last month. So they’ve led the way for…

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