Un spectateur pendant l'exposition "Gaumont: 120 ans de cinema" en avril 2015 - Patrick Kovarik - AFP Cinema & theatre 

Back to a Parisian future of films classiques

| A new cinema opens in Paris. Its speciality? Showing old movies in luxe conditions | Gaumont-Pathé opened on 6 November. The cinema is dedicated to great films, restored, classic or popular, projected under optimal conditions – a world-unique concept according to co-president in charge of film heritage Jérôme Seydoux. The cinema will screen “great movies we loved in the past”… limited neither by time nor boundaries”, in the classic original version: “French, foreign, popular or a little more artistic, but not a cinematheque or arthouse cinema,” said 81-year-old Seydoux.…

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Jaimie Park, who works at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, wears headgear that measures her brain waves as she watches a film. (David Butow / For The Times) Cinema & theatre 

Cinemas to be revolutionised by sensory technology

| Theatres are “messing with your senses” to make movies more real | Neuroscientist Poppy Crum was watching a video of a fire dancer when she had a distinct physical sensation — the flush of her body expelling heat. Her body reacted as if the fire was real. The experience led to a series of experiments in which Crum and her colleagues at Dolby Laboratories tested the body temperature of viewers as they reacted to the high-dynamic range image of fire. That helped Dolby develop a laser-guided projection system that…

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Disney’s ultimate drive-in: no cars required!

| The only drive-in where you don’t need a car | America’s only dine-in Sci-Fi drive-in theatre is located at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. It’s quirky, retro and will entertain the whole family. Instead of driving your own car, you’ll settle into your own classic car-shaped booth. From aliens, to mummies, to robot uprisings, there’s thrills, laughs and shocks, guaranteed while you relax under the stars. Enter the Hollywood-style soundstage as a classic car hop guides you to your very own automo-booth or table. Kitschy vintage memorabilia, the illuminated tail…

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