Outdoor cinema spreads sunshine in London and beyond

| Originating in 1916 in Berlin, open air cinemas have become a feature of summer entertainment around the world – most famously typified by the great American Drive-ins. Most of them have disappeared but there are opportunities to enjoy outdoor cinema in the UK this summer. Here is a selection, enjoy! | Film4 Summer Screen There are worse ways to spend a balmy August evening than in the beautiful courtyard of Somerset House, where this year the likes of Sunset Boulevard, 10 Things I Hate About You, Trainspotting and Girlhood…

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London IMAX cinema

Beyond The streaming: IMAX responds to rise of Netflix

| In The Knockoff Economy, Professors Kal Raustiala and Chris Sprigman wrote about turning products into experiences as a way to blunt the detrimental effects of copies. Products – especially digital ones – are often easy to copy, but experiences are harder… | Applying that to films, through streaming it’s now very easy to watch a film anywhere, anytime. But it’s difficult to create the experience of watching a film in a cinema: the comfortable reserved seats, the food and drink, the great sight lines and sound. Plus the unique feel as…

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Boutique cinema opportunity within M25 Orbital and affluent Surrey belt

The ARC in Caterham (Surrey), a previous Barracks site is now being considered by Cinema Next Consulting for a new leisure development on the historically significant site. Originally, Cinema Next and Burrell Foley Fischer LPP, an architecture firm and urban designer were brought in to review the historical building which is an integral part of the town, being close to the new residential development and close to the town centre. Previously, only part of the building was under consideration as the plan was to keep the soft play area, which…

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