Gaming in the GCC

Non-refundable tokens meet online gaming; Middle East players can cash in

NFTs and tokens to incentive gamers in ‘play to earn model’; the Middle East’s well developed gaming industry ‘great’ setting for this concept, said a Vorto Games chief As the global gaming industry continues to boom, videogame stakeholders are utilising non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets to incentivise players into spending even more time on the game by earning money. Vorto Games, the company behind the videogame Hash Rush where players mine for digital goods and cryptos, is taking its concept a step further by introducing a ‘play to…

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Noland Bushnell - Campus Party Brasil via Wikipedia Commons

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell: esports will be bigger than the World Cup

After five decades in the video games industry, Nolan Bushnell has come to an eyebrow-raising conclusion: virtual sports will soon eclipse traditional sports such as football as the entertainment of choice for generation Z. The co-founder of Atari and inventor of the hit game Pong says today’s youngsters are shunning live sports. “I would be willing to bet that if you were to look at the audience, it’s skewing older because of the loss of younger players,” said Bushnell, a serial entrepreneur who gave the teenage Steve Jobs his first…

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John Sullivan

Cinema is dead? John Sullivan says, “Long live cinema!”

The scare of cinemas dying out has been the fear for movie enthusiasts even before the pandemic, but has the death of cinemas become a reality or is it just scaremongering? John Sullivan, founding director of The Big Picture Global Cinema Consultancy tells all. Does the COVID-19 lockdowns of cinemas and the surge in direct-to-streaming film product signal the end of Cinema?  While investors, property markets and ardent cinema fans are all rightly concerned about the current state of cinema, rumours of its impending death are wildly exaggerated. Many cinema…

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