Novo Cinemas Doha. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Invest in AV technology to empower the ‘bigger picture’

Cinema is all about creating a stunning sound and vision experience, so AV has a lot to offer. Covid has put the brakes on investment, but the great outdoors may provide fresh opportunities, as Paul Bray discovers. AV has wrought huge changes in cinema over the last decade, with digital distribution replacing film and breathtaking advances in the audience experience. Before the Covid crisis, cinema was the leading AV sector in terms of expansion, according to IOTA. “There’s always significant innovation in sound, picture and seating in cinema, with immersive…

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Arc Cinema Peterhead

New cinema hailed as ‘significant opportunity’ for Peterhead

A major new cinema complex will finally open its doors to the public after a seven month delay. The Arc Cinema will welcome film buffs across the north-east to the former Gala Bingo site on Peterhead’s Marischal Street on Friday, October 2. Initially staff planned to welcome the public ahead of Christmas last year – then again in March. The launch was, however, postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now may be just weeks away. The Irish-based chain has invested £2 million to convert the bingo hall into a…

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Coronavirus illustration – Pixabay

Can success continue for video game giants that have thrived in the pandemic?

The video game industry continues to see an impressive jump in both revenue and attentiveness to esports from major media companies as coronavirus-related restrictions roll into May, keeping millions of people at home and searching for new forms of entertainment. But as countries begin to examine paths toward loosening stay-at-home restrictions and reopening businesses, will the industry be able to sustain its newfound gains? In conversations with The Post, those inside the gaming world and those who monitor it professionally expressed confidence that the gains would continue in the years…

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