Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood star directors predict the post-pandemic future

Brian Grazer And Ron Howard: Movie Theaters Will Turn Into Broadway — And Don’t Expect Tom Cruise To Wear A Mask Onscreen Imagine Entertainment partners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer expect COVID-19 to have an impact on Hollywood for some time to come — just not necessarily on screen. “This period of our lives will not be in the history of film,” Grazer declared during the duo’s virtual appearance at the Wall Street Journal‘s Tech Live conference. “You’re not going to see an action movie with Tom Cruise and he’s wearing a mask.” For writers and…

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empty cinema photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash

Mulan release on Disney+ marks the end of business as usual for movies

It used to be the kiss of death for any movie – the dreaded “straight to video” (and, later, DVD or digital) tag. But the release on Friday of Mulan on Disney+ may mark the moment the straight-to-digital strategy went from $2 shop to upmarket boutique, and not just because it will cost you $34.99 (on top of your $8.99 monthly subscription) to watch at home. The straight-to release has had a reputational makeover in the past few years, thanks to big-name directors making movies for Netflix et al. But what began…

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LG Beamer projector. Photo by Dylan Calluy on Unsplash

How will UK cinemas lure back film goers, as home entertainment beckons?

 Both chains and independents have a fight on their hands, with Britons investing in gadgets like projectors A third of Britons say a cinema trip is the leisure activity they miss most VAT cut could help, but many have a job on their hands to get people back  Newly designed cinema comes with balconies and pods: is it the future?  The future of many cinemas across the country hangs in the balance. Despite the easing of lockdown, ensuing social distancing safety while earning enough revenue to stay afloat, means for…

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