VOID VR popup

Virtual Reality popups enter ‘retail-tainment’ arena

International Immersive Technology, Special, Kevin Williams of KWP, starts the first of a two-part feature including an overview of the emergence of “Pop-up” VR entertainment experiences into the retail and mall scene. Looking at the development of new Free-Roaming Entertainment platforms and the establishment of the Standalone Enclosures – and how these systems offer an entertainment dividend for operators looking for a strong revenue stream. The move towards a “Entertainment Anchor” approach in the retail unit and shopping mall business is not a new idea. We have seen considerable investment…

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Cineplex rec room

Cinema evolution: location-based entertainment with VIP luxury

Fancy a trip to the cinema, complete with uncomfortable seats, overpriced popcorn, and boring soft drinks? No? It’s just as well then that thanks to cinema evolution, the experience is becoming entirely different. Some cinemas now boast motion seats, luxury recliners, enhanced F&B, 4DX, escape rooms, and even a dark ride. Potential customers are now streaming TV and movies. They can watch on 65-inch smart TVs with Ultra HD 4K from the comfort of their own homes. But cinemas are attempting to entice them with more premium experiences. Cinema evolution:…

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VR Start theme park, Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou: Virtual Reality theme park yet to draw crowds

YouTuber Nathie has visited VR Star Theme Park in China. His post shows a wide array of tech on offer (but not many visitors). VR Star Theme Park opened in Guizhou, China in 2018 and is the largest VR park in the world. With a $1.5 billion price tag, it’s unlikely that there will be any new VR parks of this scale outside China soon. However, it’s interesting to take a peep inside to see the vast array of tech on offer. VRFocus spoke to Nathie after his trip. In…

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