LDC curfew cities infographic

UK data identifes cities most impacted by 10pm curfew

CITIES IMPACTED MOST BY THE 10PM CURFEW Last month, Boris Johnson announced a raft of new nationwide restrictions in a bid to stem the increase in new COVID cases, including a 10pm curfew at hospitality businesses. Thousands of leisure venues have been affected, with some big cities seeing clusters of units shut down at curfew time. Our latest visualisation shows how different cities across the UK are being impacted, highlighting the number of units of hospitality categories for each location. Click the button below for a closer look… … visit…

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Charlie Chapling in 'The Kid'. Photo Wikimedia

Production “void” threatens long term damage to international cinema

Hollywood is creating a void like the one that permanently stunted European film after Spanish flu When Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi film Tenet opened in late summer, the hope was that audiences would return to the velvet seats and the waft of popcorn would engulf cinemas once more. Exhibitors everywhere had invested considerable resources to make their cinemas as safe as the other places of leisure and culture that were reopening. Tenet succeeded globally, but underperformed in the US. Of the US$307 million taken at the box office by early October 2020, only US$45…

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Closed Regal cinema, NYC. Photo by Ronny Coste on Unsplash (1)

Hollywood stars press for government bailout of US cinema industry

Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese urge theater bailout, with two-thirds of industry at risk of permanent closure The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a body blow to the movie theater business, and now the industry is asking for a federal bailout, asserting that over two-thirds of small and midsized movie theater companies will be forced into bankruptcy or close permanently in the near future. The request for assistance came in the form of an open letter to Congress, signed by a score of established Hollywood directors, producers and writers, along with such…

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