Glasgow high street Photo by Artur Kraft on Unsplash

A new horizon for UK town centres?

The best retailers are still presenting goods and services that engage and excite customers; they are still profitable. However, while retail expenditure is trending upwards in real terms, shop-based profits are down, as costs remain high compared to those online, and fundamentally, Christmas 2019 footfall was down 8% compared to 12 months earlier.  Shoppers, whether by choice or necessity, are increasingly flexing their purchasing muscle by leaving buying until the last moment, relying on fast delivery directly from manufacturers, short circuiting the retail journey and securing better prices. The increased…

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By Rept0n1x - New Brighton pirate ship

Radio: retail, leisure and art to bring new life to English seaside

The Victorian splendour of many of Britain’s coastal towns has long faded. Many of them rank among our most economically deprived communities. The Southend-born writer Farrah Jarral talks to people who believe in a brighter future by the seaside, including an entrepreneur with a vision for the Wirral. Is he our New Victorian? … visit BBC Radio 4 to hear full broadcast of Positive Thinking

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New Museum of Western Australia

Perth: heritage buildings combined with volume for new museum

Hassell and OMA have completed construction of the New Museum for Western Australia, which houses museum exhibitions, event spaces and public areas in a newly unified group of old and new buildings. Located in Perth, the facility combines four heritage-listed buildings with a newly created volume, tripling the size of the museum. It has been deliberately designed as a place for conversations, to inspire new ideas and knowledge of global relevance. It is a museum that both showcases and stimulates discoveries.  – David Gianotten Inside, there are eight new galleries, a 1000sq m (10,800sq…

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