ITG report: casual dining Covid-19 activity

Report: UK casual dining responses to Covid-19

To support you with insight, inspiration, or even just a helpful resource, we are creating weekly Covid-19 Industry Reviews, detailing how brands and retailers across key sectors are responding to the current situation. Download ITG’s casual dining activity report here Visit for more information and discover ITG reviews here:

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Cinema closed billboard

Coronavirus threatens to bankrupt US cinema chains

Coming to a theater near you: a marquee with no movie titles on it, but instead big letters that say “gone out of business.” With movie houses nationwide closed by the coronavirus, big cinema chains like AMC Entertainment and Regal Cinemas parent CineWorld are at risk of filing for bankruptcy in the coming weeks or months — desperate moves that could result in hundreds or even thousands of theaters being shuttered for good, industry experts warn. In a Wednesday note to investors, Loop Capital analyst Alan Gould wrote that he…

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Report: impact of COVID-19 on Euro cinema industry

UNIC is collecting detailed information on the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the cinema industry across the 38 territories it represents (please note, report is given below without statistical tables – download full report here). 1. CLOSURE PROCESS SUMMARYThe vast majority of cinemas across Europe closed in mid-March, with the exception of Italy (with almost 50% closed from 23 February), Russia (all closed from 31 March) and Sweden (partly closed as the strict ban only applied to gatherings of 500+ and more recently 50+ people). In the territories where…

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