billboard saying 'The World is temporarily closed" photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Why cinemas will bounce back from coronavirus

It’s a dreadful time for the film industry, as for so many others. But if history shows us anything, it’s that the magic of the big screen isn’t going to vanish, writers Kaleem Aftab. Theatres are closing around the world. Jobs are being culled. No one knows when projectors will be fired up again. Cinema is far from unique in being an industry under threat in the time of Covid-19. But there is a particular irony in the fact that many of us have turned to streaming platforms to deliver…

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Opinion: coronavirus as window of opportunity

What if… To say life has changed in recent weeks would not only be an understatement, it would actually greatly trivialise current world events. Who, other than some doom & gloom screen writers and Nostradamus enthusiasts, could have presaged that a non-cellular entity invisible to the naked eye, would be able to cause havoc around the globe? Within a matter of weeks, more than a third of the world population finds itself either heavily restricted in movement or in total lockdown, with governments deciding who is allowed, when, for how…

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Coronavirus could kill 20% of UK SMEs – research

Almost a fifth of SMEs will not survive the coronavirus crisis, according to new findings from the Corporate Finance Network.  The group predicted that the closures would take place within the next four weeks despite government support measures, as the pandemic continues to unfold and affect retail. The network, which represents independent accountancy firms across the UK, undertook research amongst 13,000 SMEs to obtain the findings.  It said that the situation “looks even more dire” if the lockdown lasts three months or more, with accountants in the network reporting that…

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