The Stinger Report LBE VR charts

The Stinger Report on the resurgent LBE VR audience

In The Stinger Report # 1080… This issue covers in detail: [BREAKING NEWS] Exclusive breaking news of the actual revenue generated from the reopening VR amusement business, in this second and final report with a selection of leading providers supplying the reality of these moves. [TRENDING NEWS] Free-Roaming VR’s impact following the lockdown revealed from Zero Latency on their rebound, along with TrueVRSystems, MassVR and Dreamscape Immersion sharing the realities. [TRENDING NEWS] The next big investment, and the return of the player-base to the hyper reality is revealed by Backlight…

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Tall buildings. Photo courtesy of KWP (The Stinger Report)

The Stinger Report: Attack of the entertainment robots!

In The Stinger Report # 1078… This issue covers in detail: [TRENDING NEWS] Telepresence enters the amusement arena, with the continued growth in ‘Live Play’ entertainment experiences – a new trend of the #RobotsAreComing is revealed in this latest report. [BREAKING NEWS] Formation of a new trade association to police the popularity of “Online Crane Gaming” is revealed, with over 100 members of the Japanese amusement trade, as the new genre explodes on the market. [BREAKING NEWS] The Japanese amusement trade raises its stake in ‘Live Play’, with TAITO deploying…

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The Stinger Report: Social Entertainment Goes Golfing – part 2

In The Stinger Report #1072 – This issue covers in detail: Report Skinny 1. Continuing the exclusive review of the impact that mini-golf’s new-found popularity is having on the international social entertainment scene, with revenues exceeding $1billion. 2. Some of the perfusion of the UK’s new social entertainment mini-golf offerings are covered, such as Swingers, Junkyard Golf Club, and Urban Putt. But also, not forgetting the US interest in the growth of social mini-golf, with venues chains such as Putters and Gutters and Urban Putt. 3. This feature also reveals developments…

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