The greatest land grab since the internet is underway

New York-based property developer Republic Realm forked out $4.3 million for a plot of land. This undeveloped lot sold for almost 4X more than the average NYC apartment. But the land wasn’t in sought-after cities like San Francisco, Manhattan, or Boston. The record purchase wasn’t in the Cayman Islands either. In fact, it wasn’t even in the “physical world.” Republic Realm paid $4.3 million for a plot of land inside The Sandbox, a video game. Virtual land is booming… In the past week, folks spent $18 million on virtual land…

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How gaming is taking creativity, connectivity and community in the UK to another level

Gaming is set to be the crown jewel of our creative industries – and Huawei is bringing experts together to share knowledge at a live event in London. According to industry body UK Interactive Entertainment, the games market was worth £5.35bn in sales in 2019 alone, and official government figures estimate that the sector generated £2.9bn of gross value added for the UK economy in the same year. Perceptions of gaming have changed dramatically in recent years. What was once seen as the preserve of teenagers is now taken seriously…

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Tall buildings. Photo courtesy of KWP (The Stinger Report)

The Stinger Report: Attack of the entertainment robots!

In The Stinger Report # 1078… This issue covers in detail: [TRENDING NEWS] Telepresence enters the amusement arena, with the continued growth in ‘Live Play’ entertainment experiences – a new trend of the #RobotsAreComing is revealed in this latest report. [BREAKING NEWS] Formation of a new trade association to police the popularity of “Online Crane Gaming” is revealed, with over 100 members of the Japanese amusement trade, as the new genre explodes on the market. [BREAKING NEWS] The Japanese amusement trade raises its stake in ‘Live Play’, with TAITO deploying…

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