Gaming in the GCC

Non-refundable tokens meet online gaming; Middle East players can cash in

NFTs and tokens to incentive gamers in ‘play to earn model’; the Middle East’s well developed gaming industry ‘great’ setting for this concept, said a Vorto Games chief As the global gaming industry continues to boom, videogame stakeholders are utilising non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets to incentivise players into spending even more time on the game by earning money. Vorto Games, the company behind the videogame Hash Rush where players mine for digital goods and cryptos, is taking its concept a step further by introducing a ‘play to…

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The Stinger Report 1071

The Stinger Report: Social Entertainment Goes Golfing – part 1

In The Stinger Report #1071 – This issue covers in detail: Report Skinny 1. Charting the re-emergence in popularity of mini-golf, this feature takes a far-reaching look at the Gamification of the traditional attraction, deploying new technology. 2. Looking at how the concept of Topgolf has played its part in influencing the migration to Gamified mini-golf from the likes of Puttshack, Creative Works, Puttery and Holey Moley, to name but a few. 3. New investment has been driven into looking at the opportunity of social entertainment with a mini-golf flavor, seeing…

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Stinger Report 1070

The Stinger Report: Entertainment Facility Bonanza! Part 2

In The Stinger Report #1070 – This issue covers in detail: Report Skinny 1. The impact of immersive entertainment is seen in the cinema sector, reinvigorated by the first major film releases after so long. Premium Large Format (PLF) experiences are seen as drawing the audience back. 2. Retail-Tainment is back on the menu, as the retail and mall sector looks at the opportunity – with news that even Walt Disney is looking to return to pop-entertainment in malls, as the company decimates its stores. 3. Sports Betting and Casino gaming…

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