Backyard Cinema

From backyard to big top bonanza

By the River Thames, in an old TV studio, a fantasy land of movie-magic is screening modern hits and classics to spellbound audiences. Peter Knight learns about a ‘pop-up cinema’ that’s true to its roots. Unless you’ve been living as a cinematic hermit in a dark auditorium for the past decade (and in our industry that is possible…), you cannot help but have noticed the surge in the number of pop-up cinemas that have sprung up in all sorts of innovative locations worldwide. I’m most familiar with the pop-up scene…

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Wahaca logo, frontage and 'street kitchen'

CEO warns of post-lockdown “hell” for UK restaurants

“Starting up, it’s going to be hell,” says Mark Selby, chief executive and co-founder of Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca. “A lot of people are going be nervous about coming out. We’ve all got to do our jobs in making people feel confident, making them feel safe, but also giving them that experience that hospitality is.” Restaurants and pubs across the UK have been hard-hit by lockdown measures that were introduced in March in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus. In England, the hospitality industry expects to be…

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Statue in Vilnius, Lithuania. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Lockdown opens out: Vilnius becomes city-sized fresh-air restaurant

Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is to turn over many of its streets and open spaces to bars, restaurants and cafés to allow the catering industry to return to work, while people can maintain social distancing to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. Many of the city’s public spaces – which until now have rarely been used for outdoor eating, such as the city’s Cathedral Square in the Unesco-listed Old Town – are now open to support the city’s restaurants. The announcement was made on Friday, and by Monday morning 162 business…

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