iPad on shop counter. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Global retail report examines sustainability, retail tech and consumer fears

Every year, retailers look for new ways to increase customer engagement and efficiency throughout the shopping experience. Fast and reliable shipping, an efficient checkout process, and an overall-enjoyable shopping experience are no longer nice-to-haves for retailers – they are obligations to the customer. Customer expectations increase every year thanks to “liquidation of demand” (essentially, the expectation that all companies offer a similar level of technology in their consumer experience – such as Uber’s real-time, to-the-minute location tracking or Starbucks’ ability to remember and prepare your usual order in advance of…

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Photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash

Global retail ranking finds mix of ‘new consumers and old traditions’

Geopolitical instability and the growing power of local and regional competition in emerging markets are forcing global retailers to continually rethink their strategies. Global retailing today is defined by paradox. Even as the Internet, social media, and the widespread deployment of mobile telephony have brought the world closer, helping create a truly “global” consumer, renewed feelings of nationalism, and even tribalism, are surging around the world. And as retailing companies—digital and physical—seek to develop trade relations with other countries, the flow of goods available to them are subject to often…

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Wintergarden Shopping Centre – photo Wikimedia Commons

Retail fails for Australian mall despite major upgrade

Wintergarden Shopping Centre turns into ‘wasteland’ despite $100m upgrade A shopping centre in Brisbane, Australia has turned into a ‘wasteland’ after seeing the centre recieve a $100m upgrade to try and attract high-end customers to shop there. Wintergarden Shopping Centre has numerous empty retail spaces, proving that even 24,000 LED lights were not enough to reinvigorate the complex. ‘They are good at food and have high foot traffic in the mornings and in the afternoons and I think that’s what they should leverage because they are never going to win the…

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