Regaining The Cinematic Middle Ground

Article courtesy of William Dever, Chief Creative Officer at Harena Data Inc I ask myself constantly why exhibitors continually permit themselves to engage in a business that is so blatantly unfair. I also ask myself what the measures are that exhibitors can engage in that can liberate themselves from an ecosystem that consistently strangles them and restricts their ability to gain profit. I think if you take a careful look at the studio behavior you will come to the conclusion that they are neither insidious or evil…..they are just bone…

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Is it safe? In the movie theater business, the question is how much to promise older audiences.

In January, Paula Bailey faced a decision. She was eager to see “Flee,” an animated documentary about an Afghan refugee that had been receiving rave reviews and would be nominated for three Oscars. But with the omicron variant of the coronavirus still surging, she had second thoughts. Realizing that the film was available both in theaters and via streaming, she decided to stay home and watch it there. It’s not that Bailey, 72, has jettisoned the theatrical experience entirely. “If there’s a movie I’m dying to see, I’m not going to wait,” she…

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YouGov report shows domestic still beating international travel

International Travel & Tourism Report 2021 Not a single industry has been halted by the pandemic more so than travel & tourism. But as the pandemic begins to subside, what does the road back to normality look like? Turbulent conditions are forecast and competition to attract consumers will be fierce ‘ that much is certain. YouGov’s International Travel & Tourism Report 2021 analyses consumer travel preferences and identifies the emerging opportunities that will prove most lucrative for industry players. The study connects data from our syndicated solutions YouGov DestinationIndex and…

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