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Streaming wars: how threatening are they really to the film industry?

In a world of countless entertainment opportunities, movies are one of the few remaining proven ways to attract a new audience and retain existing ones. Yet the dominant narrative seems to be that in the age of the internet the old system of theatrical release can no longer cater for audiences worldwide – or so we are told. Digital technologies – streaming in particular – are expected to replace the legacy of theatrical releases, bringing movies into the fold of the growing Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) list of industries, as opposed to…

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LDC curfew cities infographic

UK data identifes cities most impacted by 10pm curfew

CITIES IMPACTED MOST BY THE 10PM CURFEW Last month, Boris Johnson announced a raft of new nationwide restrictions in a bid to stem the increase in new COVID cases, including a 10pm curfew at hospitality businesses. Thousands of leisure venues have been affected, with some big cities seeing clusters of units shut down at curfew time. Our latest visualisation shows how different cities across the UK are being impacted, highlighting the number of units of hospitality categories for each location. Click the button below for a closer look… … visit…

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Live music. Photo by Joe Darams on Unsplash

Struggling small venues and the effect on the live music industry

Prior to the dislocation caused by the pandemic, live music operated with a structure that gave artists a clear sense of where they were in their careers and where they could aim for next. Small clubs represented the starting point, before moving up a ladder of venue sizes to theatres, arenas and stadiums. Then along came lockdown, and the future of that lower tier of venues is now at risk. The plight of these smaller venues has had a fair amount of media attention, but the long-term impact of their…

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