VR Start theme park, Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou: Virtual Reality theme park yet to draw crowds

YouTuber Nathie has visited VR Star Theme Park in China. His post shows a wide array of tech on offer (but not many visitors). VR Star Theme Park opened in Guizhou, China in 2018 and is the largest VR park in the world. With a $1.5 billion price tag, it’s unlikely that there will be any new VR parks of this scale outside China soon. However, it’s interesting to take a peep inside to see the vast array of tech on offer. VRFocus spoke to Nathie after his trip. In…

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Lux Theatre, Hung Hom. Picture: James Wendlinger

Hong Kong benefits as cinema chains start China push in the City

The unassuming Chai Wan neighbourhood to welcome its first cinema since 1994 A Monday on Chai Wan’s Yee Tai Street. Families emerge from the wet mar­ket weighed down with groceries as workers and students head to a cha chaan teng. It’s just another Hong Kong afternoon, in fact, but a small crowd has gathered out­side what will soon become the newest cinema in the Cinema City chain. They peer into the gleam­ing lobby and a young usher-to-be explains the special deal to come: HK$100 for three tickets; HK$18 for popcorn…

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Caro Weijian

China isn’t discouraging overseas investment, only regulating it, Beijing-backed think tanker says

Chinese authorities are regulating, not discouraging, overseas investments made by local corporates, the director general of the ICC-NDRC said high profile Chinese companies that have made foreign acquisitions in recent years include Dalian Wanda, Fosun International and Anbang Insurance Several high profile Chinese firms may be on the receiving end of government scrutiny over their overseas acquisitions, but the authorities are not cracking down on foreign investments, a Beijing-backed think tanker said. “The Chinese government is not discouraging overseas investment. It’s just that the government has started regulating overseas investment,”…

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