By Rept0n1x - New Brighton pirate ship

Radio: retail, leisure and art to bring new life to English seaside

The Victorian splendour of many of Britain’s coastal towns has long faded. Many of them rank among our most economically deprived communities. The Southend-born writer Farrah Jarral talks to people who believe in a brighter future by the seaside, including an entrepreneur with a vision for the Wirral. Is he our New Victorian? … visit BBC Radio 4 to hear full broadcast of Positive Thinking

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MAPIC 2019

New MAPIC sister event to focus on integrating leisure with lifestyle

Reed MIDEM, organisers behind events including MAPIC and MIPIM, is set to launch the first global leisure event at this year’s MAPIC, a day before the main MAPIC event which takes place in Cannes between 13–15 November. The launch of a dedicated Leisure event aims to demonstrate that the ability to incorporate experiences is fundamental not only for retail spaces, but for urban places as well. The full-day event will invite leisure operators ranging from e-gaming and theme parks to live music, museums, art galleries, wellness and food, as well…

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CGI of proposed development — Ravenscriag Ltd

Cinemas could finally be coming to Ravenscraig in Scotland

North Lanarkshire Council has given planning permission to a multi-million pound development encompassing 376 hectares of derelict land at Ravenscraig. It was once the site of the largest hot strip steel mill in Western Europe. Councillors say the site will be opened up to 12,000 people with the development of housing, schools, retail and business opportunities. Plans for the regeneration also include transport links and a new town centre. ‘Completely transform the area’ Since 2006, hundreds of homes have already been built in the area as well as a campus…

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