By Rept0n1x - New Brighton pirate ship

Radio: retail, leisure and art to bring new life to English seaside

The Victorian splendour of many of Britain’s coastal towns has long faded. Many of them rank among our most economically deprived communities. The Southend-born writer Farrah Jarral talks to people who believe in a brighter future by the seaside, including an entrepreneur with a vision for the Wirral. Is he our New Victorian? … visit BBC Radio 4 to hear full broadcast of Positive Thinking

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Scarborough's South Bay from Cliff Street

Government fund boosts UK seaside shops & restaurants

| The Coastal Communities Fund aims to increase tourism and trade in some of England’s most loved seaside towns | You may have golden memories of childhood holidays spent at the British seaside: sandcastles; dipping a toe in the freezing water; ice creams; fairground on the pier. Unfortunately, many seaside resorts have suffered from a lack of investment as more people opt for cheap holidays abroad. In recent years the UK Government has sought to reverse this decline through the Coastal Communities Fund and the next stage has just begun. The Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) aims to encourage the…

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